Confederate Heritage Fund
         P. O. Box 771
Andalusia, Alabama 36420
Battle Flags Across Alabama
ANDALUSIA (CHF) - Confederate Heritage Fund's Battle
Flags Across Alabama Project has been enthusiastically
received and the Fund has installed
345 Confederate
Battle Flags and Flagpoles during the years (2003-2009)
(see photos and map below).

Although Confederate Heritage Fund does not install
Flagpoles anymore, they do mail out new Confederate  
Battle Flags to replace tattered and worn Battle Flags on
previously installed Flagpoles.

Since 2004, Confederate Heritage Fund has mailed over
1,500 replacement Battle Flags, thereby keeping a fresh
Confederate Battle Flag constantly in public view.    

"The 16 foot Flagpoles are in the front yards of peoples’
homes and promote the personal endorsement of the
homeowners for our Confederate Veterans’ Flag to their
friends, neighbors, families and the public," stated Roger
Broxton, President of Confederate Heritage Fund.

"This personal endorsement in turn causes others to
display our Veterans' Battle Flag."

About 1/3 of these Flagpoles are on U.S., State or County
Highways; 1/3 on major streets or in subdivisions; and 1/3
at off road locations.

Broxton remarked, "Every Flag installation has a positive
effect on someone, honors our Confederate Veterans and
encourages people to publicly display our Veterans' Battle
Flag on T-shirts, hats, car tags, bumper stickers, as well
as, install their own Battle Flag and Flagpole."
Flag installation at home on
Sand Mountain, Alabama.
Flagpole on State Highway 14
near Notasulga, Alabama.
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Flag and Flagpole erected near
Tallassee, Alabama
Confederate Battle Flag installation
near Pell City, Alabama.
Map showing the locations of the 345 Confederate Battle Flag
and Flagpole installations in Alabama.
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