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Mississippi Votes 2 To 1 To Keep
Confederate Flag On State Flag
JACKSON (CHF) -  On Tuesday, April 17, 2001 in a
special State-wide election, Mississippians voted
overwhelmingly, by a 2 to 1 margin, to keep the 1894
State Flag with the Confederate Battle Flag displayed
in the union of the Flag (see photo at left).

Officials said the turn out was much larger than normal
for a special election.

This was the first time the people have been allowed to
vote on a Confederate Battle Flag issue in any
Southern State.

"This overwhelming vote for the Battle Flag in
Mississippi proves that the will of the people was
blatantly ignored by officials in Alabama, South
Carolina and Georgia when they removed the Battle
Flag in those States," stated Roger Broxton, President
of Confederate Heritage Fund, one of the
organizations that ran radio ads supporting the 1894
State Flag.  

There were two choices on the ballot:  one choice kept
the old 1894 Mississippi State Flag; the other choice
replaced the Battle Flag with a circle of stars in the
union (see photo at left).

By a vote of 65% to 35%, grassroots voters trounced
a well funded anti-Southern campaign that was
financed by the all powerful media, giant corporations,
lawyers and black hate groups, such as, the NAACP.

It was truly a David versus Goliath election and David

"By Wednesday morning, the media monopoly, the
country club elite and the intolerant blacks were
ringing their hands in despair that the public was not
deceived by their false claims about the Battle Flag
being a racist symbol and hurting business and
tourism," rejoiced Broxton.

"As studies have shown, one of the greatest tourist
attractions in the South is the War For Southern
Independence and, business-wise, the Confederate
Battle Flag is one of the hottest selling items in the
nation, from T-shirts, to car tags, to caps, to Flags."  

Polls before the election showed that 80% of the
white voters and 30% of the black voters supported
the Confederate Battle Flag remaining on the State

Mississippi is 61% white and 36% black.

The anti-Southern groups raised and spent over
$700,000 in advertising to remove the Confederate
Battle Flag from the State Flag, not counting the
millions of dollars worth of free anti-Flag publicity
granted on television and in newspapers.

The pro-Southern organizations, led by the Sons of
Confederate Veterans, raised about $125,000, which
was mostly spent on radio advertising.

One of these pro-Flag organizations was Confederate
Heritage Fund, located in Andalusia, Alabama.

Confederate Heritage Fund registered as a political
action committee in Mississippi and raised and spent
over $4,000 for radio advertising on 6 radio stations
in Mississippi.

Observers say that radio ads, such as those aired by
Confederate Heritage Fund, energized the patriotic
spirit in Mississippians to go to the polls in large
numbers to vote for their Confederate Veterans' and
ancestors' Battle Flag.

Because of the natural support for the Battle Flag from
the public, a little bit of radio advertising went a long
way toward motivating the people to go to the polls
Tuesday and vote for the 1894 State Flag.

To hear Confederate Heritage Fund's radio ad,
please go to the audio bar at left and click the
"Play" button.  It may take several minutes to
download, depending on your type of Internet
connection and computer.
The 1894 Mississippi State Flag
with the Confederate Battle Flag in
the top left-hand corner that the
voters endorsed on April 17, 2001.
The new design offered by the
politicians and media that the
voters rejected on April 17, 2001.
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Radio Ad
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Confederate Heritage Fund and
aired on 6 Mississippi radio stations
that helped keep the Confederate
Battle Flag on the Mississippi State
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